Name: Anna M. Kelley (formerly Deavers, maiden name Barone)

Born: 11/22/19??

  Anna was born in Southern Ohio, but raised by adoptive parents outside of Cleveland. The Barone's were an Italian couple with one older son, while Anna was of Native American heritage, giving her a strong affinity for characters that don't fit well with their surroundings. Her early interests included TV series like Dark Shadows and the original Star Trek. Hobbies such as horseback riding, music, and art took up much of her remaining free time.

  After a year of college, Anna's adoptive father passed away. Anna took a couple of brief trips to New Mexico, to explore her Native heritage, and to New York City. Upon returning to Cleveland, she became heavily involved with Star Trek and other sci-fi fandom, and began doing fan art, costuming, and filk in earnest. She was introduced to Beauty and the Beast in 1987 by then-longtime boyfriend Lyle Deavers, whom she later briefly married.

  With friend and fellow fan Chandra Morgan, she founded the Northern Ohio Beauty and the Beast Fan Club in Cleveland. The club hosted one of the first regional BATB events, dubbed "Beast Bash", in Cleveland in 1989. At around this time, BATB's second season was winding down, and a third season was doubtful, according to the press. Anna and NOBBFC mobilized fan clubs across the country to create the deluge of telegram messages asking CBS to renew the show. Her contacts with production people on the set of the show gave her unique insights into the cast members and crew.

  In September 1989, at an event in New York City's Central Park, Anna crossed paths with future husband Wayne Kelley, attending separately from Southern Ohio. She was touring the city with friends and a full-sized soft sculpture of Vincent, taking pictures and inviting fans to "Beast Bash '90" in the coming spring in Cleveland. Wayne accepted her invitation and attended the Cleveland event the following year.

  Over three months, Wayne and Anna continued visiting during weekends, and attended other convention events. With the first Tunnelcon approaching, Wayne, Anna, and Chandra Morgan pooled resources to roadtrip to Las Vegas together. Upon their return, and with dissolution from her first marriage pending, Wayne became a member of the household in Cleveland.

  Together, Wayne and Anna began work on such projects as the "Captured Moments" poetry-zine, and a new craft project - costuming and makeup to allow Wayne to portray Vincent for events. They continued to attend events after Tunnelcon, operate the fan club, and write and illustrate stories for their own 'zines and others.

  In March 1991, Wayne and Anna, portraying Vincent and Catherine, were "married" in a ceremony at "Beast Bash '91" before over 100 fan friends. In April they became husband and wife in real life as well. Shortly after, they moved to Southern Ohio, continuing to attend conventions and other events with their costuming, artwork, sculpture, and writings. In April 1994, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Griffin Conor, who was presented to the fandom in a naming ceremony at TunnelCon III in Las Vegas. Due to ongoing medical problems with Griffin over the intervening years, the Kelleys curtailed their fan activities, continuing to write, draw, and do costuming events when possible. After a brief stint living in Southeastern Kentucky, they returned to the Cleveland, OH area in June 2005, and began re-establishing their fan contacts.

  Although Anna has not published BATB artwork in the last several years, she has continued to hone her skills, studying the work of Boris Valejo and other sci-fi artists. Her current interests aside from BATB include Harry Potter, dragons (especially Pern), and until recently Xena: Warrior Princess. She has also done artwork for characters from Babylon 5, Hercules, Kung Fu and Quantum Leap, as well as Native American themed pieces.