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Word Drill

Winterfest Online 2006

January 7th - 15th
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Father and Vincent! Always wandering off and getting trapped in cave-ins. Fortunately talk *can* break rock, at least it can with Mouse's latest invention, the Word Drill. Locate valid, english words in the letter grid by clicking on adjoining tiles and press the submit button to power the drill.

Each letter is assigned a point value based on the frequency it is found in the english language. Common letter combination tiles, like ing or qu, are present and have point values that are the sum of the individual letters' values. Your score is calculated by the sum of the point values of the letters you use, modified by any bonus tile you may have used, the length of the word found, and the amount of time remaining. There is also a bonus for certain BatB words so be on the look out for them.

- Click on the center of a tile to select it. It will turn white. Click on one of the six surrounding letters to select that letter in addition. Clicking a letter that is not one of the six surrounding letters will start a new word.
- Press the Spacebar to cancel the current word.
- Press the Enter key or the Submit button to enter the word. If it is a valid word that you have not already entered, the word will be colored in Green and a point value will be shown.
- Click the Quit button to return to this page.

Bonus Tiles
Tiles that are red, orange, blue, or green give the following bonuses.
= 3 letter score
= 2 letter score
= 2 word score
= 3 word score

The higher the score, the more rock you drill through. Father and Vincent only have 3 minutes of air so hurry up! Click the start button below or see the high scores here .

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