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Trivial Trivia

Winterfest Online 2006

January 7th - 15th
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So you think you're a Beastiare do you? You knew what episode the picture you clicked on to get here came from? You can describe both Catherine and Joe's outfits? Well, do you know how many pencils are in Joe's pencil holder? That's the level of detail that you'll need to know to do well at this game. Fortunately we've decided to take it *easy* on you and provide the clips from the episodes that contain the answers to the trivia. The catch is that you won't know the questions until after the video is over.

For each round in the game you will be presented with a Windows Media Player clip (Don't have Window Media Player? Click here ) from an episode which you may play as many times as you like. The video will start playing automatically when it is downloaded. The videos are "streaming" so it is possible to start them before they are fully downloaded but you will most likely end up starting and stopping alot if you attempt it. The video player has standard start, stop, pause, and volume controls. Once you're satisfied that you can remember every detail about the episode, you can proceed to the questions. You will be presented with five questions sequentially. After answering them you will start the second round and get another clip and another set of five questions. Be aware that each clip has multiple questions defined that are presented randomly so even if you get a clip that you've already had before, the questions may be totally different.

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