Passing the Candle

My very existence lies here, within these tunnels. It is my salvation. I couldn't exist elsewhere. Without this place there is nothing for me.

- Vincent, Labyrinths


If you have never been to a convention,

then you do not know what you are missing. 

Truly “there are no words” to describe  the experience.

 It is something that every fan of Beauty and the Beast should pursue at least once in a lifetime.  We are blessed that Helpers are striving to continue this tradition.  

Get there, Anyway you can!

There are two upcoming Conventions for Beauty and the Beast:

Wait!  We have one more treat before you pass that candle…

Joe’s Fantasy by DebM was seen at the 2005

Vincent and Catherine’s Excellent Vacation  [“not a”] Convention

in Burlington ,Vermont. 

We wanted to share it with you.