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Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16

Sunday, January 16, 2005, Update 2

Sniff, sniff. It's okay. We'll be all right but we're going to miss all of you so much. Winterfest is such a special time for us to all get together, but it also goes by so fast. Now, you know where we are, and there are lots of BATB yahoo groups so we can keep in touch throughout the year.

--Here are the urls for a couple of information pages you might want to bookmark for later use.

Mailing lists where you can talk to other B&B fans after Winterfest is over...

B&B web sites to visit (and/or add new ones to the list)

A new chat group just created

--And if you haven't let those in charge of such things know you'd like to see B&B released on DVD...

But enough of this! You probably want to know what surprises are still waiting. I saw several of you talking with Mouse last night. Did you really think we would tell him? You know he can't keep a secret. The site will remain up for a little while yet so you can browse through any pages you may have missed and enjoy these final treats.

-- We bring you a little tiny huge surprise. How can that be? Well Lesley got to go to New York and get some photos of Jane Freeman's wonderful miniature scenes from the show. Don't miss reading Jane's interview to learn more about her and her creations.

-- For those who have read "Kaleidoscope" or "The Bridge" and want to learn more about Cynthia Hatch, we are pleased to present an interview with her. And as a final Winterfest gift, four of her stories never posted online before are attached to this interview:

"Interplay" - from the zine Tunnelcon I (1990) "There is a Season" - from the zine Great Expectations (1993) "Mysteries" - from the zine Tunnelcon III (1994) "Hat Trick" - from the zine The Hat on the Bench in Central Park (1997) And we are pleased to announce that her novel "When the Angels Fall" (1992) will be posted in installments on CABB soon.

--Finally we have a most special treat -- Bless the Children pages. This special collection of art will warm your heart as you see our most beloved tunnel children. (As of this writing, there are technical difficulties accessing the page. Hopefully they'll be remedied soon.)

--The Wintercandlemakers have devoted many long hours to bring you Winterfest Online 2005; we hope you will give us a few minutes of your time to give us your opinions. We want to know something about you and your passion for BATB, and get your opinions about the various activities and pages you have visited here. Please help us by answering the Winterfest poll.

And last we have the Closing Ceremonies. You are a part of us now so please join in as we bid one other farewell.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Yes, this is the day we've been trying to avoid, but it's here, and there are still wonderful things to happen today. So let's all get down to the tunnels and find out what's been kept til the end.

And be sure to check back. Later today we'll have a final update that will include 3, yes 3, surprises just for you, the closing ceremonies and a little something we'd like you to do to help the Wintercandlemakers. But that's all later today, for now we have

-- The last of the wonderful wallpapers created by Corinne

-- The last calendar page created by Debbie

-- The last chapter of the Round Robin and

-- The last (or is it?) interview, which is with the hot, the steamy, the ever-erotic writer, Teri. If you haven't read any of her stories before, this will surely entice you to find them and get started.

--Since this is the last day of Winterfest, we sincerely encourage you to post in the interview guestbook. Drop a line to our wonderful, artistic tunnel friends, and don't forget those artists who agreed to allow us to post their work online for the first time. We owe many thanks to all of those who have so graciously shared their time and talent with us this Winterfest.

--There is a farewell chat scheduled, so be sure to check Tunnel Tapping for the time. There will be a talent presentation too. I only wish I'd been able to attend these chats but with all the eating and drinking going on, William has had me running back and forth to the kitchen to wash dishes and bring down more trays of goodies. Next year I'm going to see if Catherine will get us some paper plates and cups.

Again, don't forget to watch for our last update. We're not quite finished.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Isn't this great? We have another two days to enjoy Winterfest. So if you have been busy Above this week, now is your chance to come Below, relax and visit friends, and have some of William's wonderful goodies. There's everything from spiced pumpkin bread to a wonderfully aromatic punch that we think Lynn has aided with her special brew.

--Be sure to check the lovely new wallpaper and see what's behind the next door of the calendar. The Round Robin has been updated too.

-- Don't miss the chat with all the tunnel folk today. Hope Mary's hangover er, headache is better by then. She has so many little tidbits to tell about the children.

--Today our interview introduces another artist, Clare Sieffert, who has offered her work online for all of us to enjoy.

--If you missed the first trip through the tunnels to Narcissa's cavern, we hear that another one is being organized this morning. Beautiful sights along the way! When you reach Narcissa's cavern, click on each of the four corners of the navigation tool (it has Narcissa's picture on it) to go to different pages. Click on Narcissa's picture to hear her speak.

--There is a new slide show, too, called "Come With Me". If you have PowerPoint, you can view this. If you don't have Powerpoint, run - don't walk - to download - it's free! (A big download though - be warned.)

--In the Game Nook, there's a new personality game, available in multiple languages, no less. Come find out which B&B character you're most like.

-- We do apologize for the minor technical difficulties with the treasure hunt. Seems that storms in various parts of the world have caused some of our connections to snap and several sites were inadvertently missed. We hope you'll feel adventurous enough to try the hunt again. The treasures will be worth it! Those who have shared their sites have many interesting and wonderful treats for you to enjoy. Be sure to bookmark them so you can return for regular visits.

-- We're hoping you'll be able to have a little weekend get-away in the tunnels. Now's your chance to browse at your leisure, make sure you didn't miss anything, go back and see if you can get all the answers right in some of the games, and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy all there is to see and do.

-- We'll gather tomorrow for our final farewell. Til then, good friends, wander through the Great Hall and use the list to talk to all those people you only see once a year at Winterfest. Take time to leave messages in the guest books to add to the Charity Page or let our interview guests know how much you enjoy their work.

Friday, January 14, 2005

-- Oh, good! You're back, and we have yet a few more surprises for you. Can't say that we've saved the best for last because we haven't figured out which is our favorite, but we're sure you'll enjoy what is still to arrive at Winterfest.

-- Have you taken the trip through the tunnels looking for Narcissa yet? We know a group left yesterday and has reported seeing some wonderful sites with Vincent. Of course, without him they wouldn't have found their way back to the Great Hall. If anybody has an idea what those boxy looking things in the tunnels are, please post your explanations on the list. A lot of us would love to know!

-- Now that you're back, be sure to look at the latest stunning calendar page and the newest wallpaper design. I wonder if these two were apprentices to Elizabeth at one time?

-- Oh my, we're already up to chapter 9 in the Round Robin!? Some of us have been spending too much time in the Game Nook and are still on chapter 6, so we can't give you any clues. You'll just have to find out for yourself what is happening.

-- Today's interview is with writer, Joan Stephens. She has contributed a lot of stories to this fandom in recent years. Don't miss her stories in the Fan Submission Library. And don't forget that you can leave messages for all of our guest writers and artists in the guest book. Just click on the pen.

-- Ahoy there, mateys!! Are you ready to find some B&B treasure? Then join the treasure hunt! The favorite activity of many WFOL 2004 attendees, they found the treasure well worth the hunt! We hope you'll enjoy this year's treasure as much as Lynn enjoys William's punch. Ready, set, pillage!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

We knew you would all be tired after staying up late for Vincent's birthday party. (W are!) And there are a few (poor Mary) who had a little too much of William's special punch. Did you like the fireworks? I noticed that Catherine and Vincent slipped away while everyone was oooohing and aaaaahing.

-- Of course there is another breathtaking wallpaper for today and a new calendar page to open. Wonder what these two creative souls will have for us today?

-- For those of you in suspense over what Vincent is going to say now, and getting more and more curious about what's happening down in the tunnels, two chapters of the Round Robin have been posted.

-- And yes, the fifth interview is ready. Isn't it great to "meet" these talented friends and get to know them better. Today we bring to you, Rosemarie Hauer.

-- Have you had time to stop by the Charity Pages and let us know what you do in your 'helper role'? Sharing your activities might give someone a new idea of something they could do.

-- We just realized that no one has seen Narcissa in a while. There's a group forming at the Central Park entrance to go look for her. Want to help out?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


This is the day we've all been waiting for. Catherine has taken Vincent for a walk to the mirror pool while everyone gathers his gifts and sets up a special place of honor for him. We don't think he's seen the birthday wishes yet, so there's still time to add yours to the guestbook if you haven't already done so. One of Vincent's favorite singers, Suze, has sent us several gorgeous songs. We hope they inspire you to do likewise, or to perform in the live talent show. You're among friends here - now don't be shy! Check the times at Tunnel Tappings. Oh, and don't forget to light a few fireworks. He particularly likes the green ones (reminds him of someone's eyes).

-- Have you been reading the Round Robin Story? Chapter 4 is ready for you. We saw Catherine taking a peak a few chapters ahead. Naughty girl.

-- You've met an artist and two writers in the Guest Interview section. Today is a double treat � meeting artist and author, Lynn Wright. Don't forget you can leave messages for our guests. Just click on the blue pen at the bottom of the page.

-- There just doesn't seem to be an end to the creativity displayed each day on the calendar pages and the wallpaper. Thank you, Debbie and Corinne.

-- Did you see anything interesting in the Dealer's room? Mr. Smythe is trying to reduce his inventory so be sure to look around carefully. There are lots of goodies just waiting for new homes or you can list some of your BATB things that you're ready to part with.

-- Whether you call it Wheel of Fortune, Hangman, or even, gulp, Hangbeast, here's a fun way to spend some time. Visit the Gamenook to play Guess the B&B Phrase.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Yes, there is even more today to discover and enjoy!

-- For those who just can't help but think of Vincent and Catherine when they hear certain songs, check out the song dedication page. Many songs have already been listed complete with the words and beautiful pictures. And if your special song isn't there, you can request it be added.

-- Chapter 3 of the Round Robin Story has been posted. Where will today's author take our favorite characters?

-- Today's guest author is Becky Bain. Drop in and get to know her better. Don't forget you can leave messages for our guests. Just click on the blue pen at the bottom of the page.

-- The calendar page for today has been opened. Take a look. Aren't these pages beautiful?

-- Have you taken the time to add your favorite charity on the Charities page?

-- Don't forget to get your gift ready for January 12, Vincent's birthday. But remember, it's a surprise - so don't tell.

-- And how could we let you go without yet another game, Imagine If. Aren't these fun?

-- Be sure to check out Tunnel Tapping for chat times. Times for the talent show on Wednesday are listed there. Whether you're just in the audience or performing, come and enjoy this special treat for Vincent's birthday.

Monday, January 10, 2005

And today, for you we have

-- A gorgeous gallery of Beauty and the Beast T-shirt pics. Thank you to all the fans who submitted them!

-- Today's guest author is JoAnn Baca.

-- The next chapter of the Round Robin Story

-- Another game! Matching art to artist.

-- One VERY special treat, for which we thank our fellow fan Andrea: a compilation of all the sites having B&B fanfic and art on the web. She gathered and organized all the links she could find, and here they are, handy for you, fic- and art-addicted fans! We know you will LOVE this!

-- And... an important assignment for all of you now. January 12 is Vincent's birthday -- let's prepare our wishes and gifts for him!

Sunday January 9, 2005

Some special treats for you today, and we are really excited to introduce them!

-- First off, enjoy a new wallpaper by Corinne (France), and click the second day of the "Open your heart" calendar by Debbie (Austria). Our European fans did wondrous thing for Winterfest!

-- We have an episode chat today at 2 pm EST/7 pm GMT. We will all cue up our episodes of Dead of Winter and watch together. Chat archives, for those unable to attend but curious, are here.

-- The Winterfest Round Robin story begins today, with Chapter 1. Subsequent chapters will be posted in the next days. The roundrobin is also available in Spanish, translated by gabi from Spain.

-- The first of the interviews with some of the authors and artists who have shared their work with us throughout the years, keeping the dream alive, is now up. You'll learn much - the interviews are informative and entertaining. Thank you, friends.

-- And... last but *absolutely* not least, Winterfest Online 2005 has obtained permission from three of the best artists of fandom to post their work online for the first time. We are honored to share with you the talents of Rita Terrell, Sue Krinard and PS Nim. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 8, 2005

What's new?... well, *everything* is new! Browse around, fellow fans!

-- Vincent just pushed the doors open, so come join the opening ceremonies. Don't forget to light your candle, and you'll be officially "in".

-- A temporary mailing list has been created so you can converse in the Great Hall. Everyone can post, no membership needed except for the "web features" (mainly Photos and Polls, of which there are currently none).

-- Take a look at the charity and dealer's room pages -- guestbooks are there for your additions.

-- Today we especially recommend you enjoy the chambers with the submissions from fans. They are the contributions from all of you to make this Winterfest a success. Lots of lovely stuff there! Feel free to share your comments about them on the above mailing list.