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Imagine If

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8th - 16th

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Beauty and the Beast has some of the most fascinating characters ever created. They have inspired us and captured our imaginations in so many ways that we feel like we know them. If fact, we know them so well that we often feel like we can predict their behavior. How many times have we thought, "How would Vincent react to this?" or "How would Catherine handle that?"
In this vein, we present our version of the game "Imagine If," a popular board game that was first adapted to B&B by Lori Hicks for the Kansas City mini-con this past summer. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to time constraints. But it seemed like the perfect challenge for any B&B fan. Can you illustrate how well you know your favorite characters by using a metaphor for their personality?
For example: Imagine If… Vincent was a flower…He would be a sunflower… because of its golden color, its height, its heartiness, etc…
The best part is there are no right or wrong answers - just have fun - and when you are finished you can view and compare your responses with others.

Imagine If Vincent Was...
A Beverage A City A Household Appliance A Song A Holiday
Imagine If Catherine Was...
A Household Appliance A Song A Dessert A Bird A City
Imagine If Father Was...
A Four-Legged Animal A Game A Mode of Transporation A Musical Instrument A City
Imagine If Joe Was...
A Natural Phenonomen A Candy Bar A Flower An Animated Character A Four-Legged Animal