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Guess the Episode - Last Scene

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8th - 16th
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This Guess the Episode game requires you to identify an episode based on a screen capture. Unfortunately for you, the capture is of one of the very last frames of the episode. Hope you have paid attention to Catherine's outfits, at least half of the captures are scenes of Vincent and Catherine hugging on the balcony That may be the only way that you'll be able to figure these out.

Each episode has one screen capture and is presented at random. There is a drop down menu listing all of the episodes by order of airdate. Select one of the episodes that you think matches the image and click the Submit button. If you have chosen correctly the background color of the screen will turn green briefly. If you choose incorrectly the background color will be red. A quick message appears in the message box telling you if you were correct or incorrect as well.

A game consists of 10 images displayed at random. A running total is displayed to indicate how many of the images displayed so far you have identified correctly. When you have gone through 10 images, a message box will open telling you your score and will give you the option of playing again.

When you first click the start button below and enter the game you will be asked for a name that is displayed on the screen during the game and isn't stored anywhere.

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