Caractacus and meTell us a little bit about yourself and your interests in general.

I am a person who compulsively keeps animals. I currently am at a low ebb with one Irish Wolfhound, a gecko, an ancient cat named, OO and two milkgoats who I will have to milk twice a day come this March.


What drew you to the Beauty and the Beast TV series, and why did you/do you feel the need to express yourself in B&B art? Had you worked with art before being involved with Beauty and the Beast or did your artwork develop from it?

Vincent is beautiful... and all muscles and hair and those are the most fun things to draw... (Up to then my favourite things to draw were horses and lions.)


How did B&B affect your life?

I had an explosion of friends that continues to this day. And I am rather shy and don't make friends easily.


Which of your B&B works do you like best, and why? If you were forced to pick one of your art works as a favorite, what would it be?

I guess the pictures that show Vincent in a fantasy setting.


How long have you been drawing/painting/sculpting, etc? If you started when you were a child/teenager, do you still have some of your work from that time? Did you share it with your friends then?

I can't remember when I started to draw. I have my kindergarten report card in an old keepsake box that the teacher wrote TALENTED! across the art section. I remember being always hungry for paper and drawing all over everything I could get my hands on. My class picture for kindergarten is profusely illustrated by a child's hand on the back… probably mine. It is covered with fairies and witches and princesses and the like… No houses or suns or the usual thing. So I guess fantasy was always my big passion.


Who most influenced and/or encouraged your talent? What training have you had for techniques in art, and where, if it was formal training - or are you self-taught, working from instinct?

No art training. (I WISH!) I TRY not to let it show as much as possible.


How do you choose the subject of your art? What inspires the composition of the drawing, the choice of making a face portrait or a full body picture, the need to include Catherine, the positions of bodies. What do you imagine first - the content of the work or the emotion you want it to convey? Tell us a bit about all this.

When I illustrate a zine, I read the story carefully and imagine it. (I hate novel covers that completely ignore descriptions in the story because the artist obviously didn't read it.)


Did you create your B&B art from scratch, or find inspiration in photographs, video scans and such? Or both?

All of the above and anything I could lay my hands on!!!


Was there a subject in the B&B universe you especially love to draw?



and something you especially find difficult to draw?



Have you or do you presently produce work for any other fandoms besides B&B? Are you or have you been involved with any other fandoms in the same way?

Started out doing a few things for a local San Diego Star Trek fan club. Then some things for San Diego Comicon. I have always been and am presently a big fan of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I haven't got involved with the fandom, though, and mostly just obsessively draw Frodo Baggins when I have the time these days. I live in Kansas now, and occasionally I do pictures for my friend's zines back in San Diego.


Do you use your artistic talents professionally or wish to? Do you have any current projects you'd like to share with us?

I would starve (…and deservedly so! ) I have an art gallery online in elfwood that I upload to whenever I can if anyone is curious.

Fantasy art: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/t/a/taerieterrell/taerieterrell.html

Fan art: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fanq/t/a/taerieterrell2/taerieterrell2.html


Do you want to say anything else to the readers of this interview about yourself, B&B, the art, or the fandom?

B&B was a source of both great joy (The great fans and actors that I met) and terrible sadness and disappointment. (The third season.)

I learned a lot from those days. How not to spill ink all over everything, how to manage criticism without getting depressed and how to survive at a convention with no food or sleep. I also learned that if you try to kill time by role playing Beauty and the Beast when driving cross country with a friend that you might just succeed TOO well and suddenly realize you have driven almost halfway across a state in the wrong direction!

 Winterfest Online, January 2005.

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