a Graphic Novel by P S Nim
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WARNING: All the art presented here is the property of PS Nim.
No picture can be taken from these pages and used in any way without her assent.



Father tells Vincent about something that happened when he was very young. Little Vincent wanted very much to have a doll to cuddle, and Father had found him one. The little boy had named the doll Miranda. He loved her very much, took her everywhere, and slept every night with her.
Alas Devin and the other boys made fun of him, and poor Vincent decided to trust his beloved Miranda into Father's care.






Back in his chamber, Vincent looks in the trunk where he keeps his old things, but finds no doll. In the night he has a strange dream, about a little girl named Cathy, whom a tunnel woman found wandering in the tunnels and brought to Father.



As soon as young Vincent saw the lost little girl, he knew she would be the perfect new owner for his darling Miranda. But little Cathy had to be returned Above, to the world where she belonged. In his dream, Vincent was very sad to see her go.



  Troubled by that dream, Vincent visits Catherine to tell her about it, and learns that she, too, had a dream the night before, a dream of her early childhood, disturbingly similar to his. In that dream she escaped from a party her parents were attending, wandered in the streets and climbed down a ladder to finally get lost in the tunnels.
A kind old woman found her and took her to a nice place to see a man "who looked just like Father" and a fascinating little boy "who looked just like you, Vincent!". The little boy gave her a baby doll, and the old woman took her away, and then she awoke.




Both very intrigued, wondering if there can be any truth in those dreams, they go through Catherine's old things, and there she is!


Dreams of something that might have happened? Or memories of something that really happened?
Is it really important to know?

NOW is all that matters!