Dealer Room

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16

Perhaps I could be of some help? You can feel free to browse for as long as you want. This way please....

We've assembled a list of Beauty and the Beast merchandise available for sale. If
you have some of your own you'd like to add, let us know and we'll add it.
BATB or BATB-related merchandise only please. Please limit your ad to 500 words or less. We reserve
the right not to post anything we deem inappropriate. The wintercandlemakers committee takes no
responsibility for any items listed. All transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller.

Crystal Rose Lending Library zines to borrow, not buy
Sonia Corral prints
Ebay - BATB items available
Jane Freeman's Miniatures: postcards
Renate Haller prints
Rosemarie Hauer calendars & prints
MacWombat Press zines for sale
Novtek BATB convention videos
Clare Sieffert prints
The CABB Classifieds
UK helpers merchandise listings
Andrea's hub compilation of zines available
Edna Grice's zines:
"All's Wells" includes 3 intriguing stories true to the Beauty and the Beast ethos. 133 pages, Rosemarie Hauer's art work, $20 USA, 8.50 U.K., 10 Europe "All's Wells Again" re-weaves the story when Joe is hurled through the air by a bomb blast into a different pattern. 119 pages, $15 USA, 7 U.K., 9 Europe "All's Wells Once More" classic stories which include Diana and Joe, 84 pages, $14 USA, 6.50 U.K., 8 Europe "Behind Cathy's Smile", fourth zine in the "All's Wells" series tells what happened in the tunnels as a result of the events described in book 3's short story titled "Cathy's Smile", 79 pages, $13 USA, 6 U.K., 7 Europe Order from Edna Grice 26, Somerset Avenue Harefield Southampton SO18 5FL England, U.K.
Once More, With Feeling
The long-awaited sequel to "The First Time I Loved Forever" All profits go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society $25 + $4 shipping within the U.S. Must certify over age 18 Joann Baca Email:
Remember Love
a collection of 7 classic short stories, ratings g to R/adult, available August 2004, 180 pages, no art, $23.00 which includes shipping anywhere Linda S. Barth Email: snailmail: P O Box 264, Branford, CT 06405 USA
Helen Commodore's zines
"Odyssey" a grand adventure and a delicious love story, lighthearted and deeply romantic, this is Vincent and Catherine's NYC adventure of a lifetime. Rated adult, $32 USA/ $42 Foreign "Where Rapture Lies" Catherine and Jen visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras where Catherine has an erotic encounter that will open the door to timeless love. Rated adult, $32 USA/ $42 Foreign "The Midnight Collection Vol. 2: Mysteries of Love" A sparkling earthy anthology featuring the seductive Mysteries of Love trilogy. Rated adult Other zines also available Helen Commodore Email: