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Talent Show Notes

Winterfest Online 2005

January 8 - 16

The visitors were able to enjoy Suze Howe's performances during Winterfest Online 2005, but some of them are not available anymore.

Prerecorded performances

We are thrilled to have received these performances for the talent show! To hear them, you will need an application which can play mp3 files. (We recommend Winamp if you don't already have such a program. It's free.)

The following are from Suze Howe:

Come To My Window
(a re-recorded/edited version will most likely be in my next CD)

How Do I Live

Promises In the Dark

The Shoop Shoop Song
(ditto - maybe)

I Followed My Heart To San Francisco
(cut from the first CD at the last minute when I decided to concentrate on romantic songs only)

Time Gone
(This is a very cool song that I sang way back in Jr. High chorus that I've always loved and I'm trying to record - the harmonies and tempos aren't quite right, but, I had fun with the echo filter )

Yahoo Messenger performances

To attend the talent show, follow the YM chat directions, and of course your computer will need speakers or headphones.

All Talent Show guests - please be a respectful audience!
1) Keep your microphone OFF unless it's your turn to perform.
2) Be respectful in your comments. It takes lots of nerve to perform in front of others - please be a grateful and encouraging audience member.
3) Limit idle chatter during performances. Oohs and ahhs will be allowed. ;-)

Talent show performers
In addition to the things mentioned above, you will need a working microphone. Hold the Talk button, or check Hands free, in order to turn your microphone on. Be sure to experiment before the talent show to make sure everything works - email us if you need our help.

Important note: It should go without saying that we only hold a talent show on yahoo messenger if some people volunteer to perform! :-)