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Who Are You?
A Personality Test

Winterfest Online 2004

January 12th - 18th
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This activity will help you determine which B&B character you most resemble. Select 1 of the options for each of the 21 questions posed below and then press the Check Results button at the bottom.
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1. What type of flower are you?
A) Cultivated
B) Wild
C) Garden Variety
2. Your decorating style would best be described as:
A) Contemporary
B) Traditional
C) Eclectic
3. When it comes to making decisions, I say:
A) Its my way or the highway
B) Lets call a board meeting
C) Whatever will make the most people happy
D) I am not the one to ask.
4. Which statement best describes your feelings about the spirit world?
A) It exists
B) I need proof
C) No way Jose
5. As a child, you liked to play:
A) Monopoly
B) Mousetrap
C) Cowboys and Indians
D) Dress-up
6. Usually you like your hair:
A) Styled
B) Long and loose
C) Pulled back and out of the way
D) Short and simple
7. How would you most like to spend an evening?
A) At the symphony
B) At a Rock and Roll concert
C) At home listening to the radio
8. When it comes to the law, you believe in:
A) The letter of the law
B) The spirit of the law
C) Laws are open to interpretation
9. You have picked out a video to watch. Is it most likely a:
A) Drama
B) Action
C) Comedy
D) Romance
10. You express your affections by:
A) reciting flowery poetry
B) subtle glances and hugs
C) going for the kiss
D) punching the intended in the shoulder
11. What is your favorite amusement ride?
A) Roller Coaster
B) Bumper Cars
C) Carousel
12. When it is time to sit down and eat, what are you most likely to find on your plate?
A) Fine cuisine
B) A home cooked meal
C) Something from the microwave
13. You have just bought a sweater. What color is it?
A) Grey
B) Purple
C) Red
D) Yellow
14. When you dream, do you believe they are:
A) glimpses of a possible future
B) the hidden wishes of your subconscious
C) just random thoughts
15. You are at a party. Are you usually:
A) the life of the party.
B) a mingler
C) A sidelines people watcher
16. Your style of speech is generally:
A) Long and detailed
B) Short and to the point
C) Expressive and colorful
17. If you were a type of footwear, would you be:
A) a dress shoe
B) a casual leather shoe
C) an athletic shoe
D) a slipper
18. If you had a choice, would you rather:
A) read something
B) write something
C) sew something
D) build something
19. You are on a vacation. What are you most likely to do?
A) sit back and relax
B) take in all the tours
C) strike out on your own.
20. While sitting in a doctor's waiting room, the magazine you would most likely pick up to read covers:
A) World events
B) Fine Arts
C) Crafts/Hobbies
D) Do it yourself
As a male or female, do you consider yourself:
A) typical
B) atypical