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Match Game

By The Numbers

Winterfest Online 2004

January 12th - 18th
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The purpose of this game is to match the clues in the left column with the numbers in the right column. Input the letter assigned to the number into the center box that you think corresponds with the clue on the left. When you've entered all your guesses, press the Check Your Answers button at the bottom of the page. Each entry will be marked with a "W" for Wrong or C for Correct. Keep trying until You've answered all of them correctly. Each letter is used only once. Click the question mark button to see an example. Click for example
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1) Carol Stabler's apartment number
A. 412
2) Catherine's age when her mom died
B. 102
3) Temperature in NY the night Kristopher died
C. GL-2543
4) Number of times Catherine says "I hate you" to Vincent in Dark Spirit
D. 21E
5) Joe's apartment number in Temptation
E. 3
6) License plate of the car used to abduct Catherine in The Watcher
F. 33
7) Age of Kanin in A Gentle Rain
G. 555-8291
8) Catherine's phone number
H. 30
9) Catherine's apartment number
I. 442
10) Street number of Paracelsus's penthouse
J. -20
11) Bridget O'Donnell's book is titled ______Days
K. 35
12) Dimitri's temperature in Ashes…Ashes
L. 666
13) In the Dead of Winter, the number of years since Paracelsus gave Father the chess set
M. CLO-246
14) Eric's Dorm Room Number in A Children's Story
N. 8
15) Catherine's Room number in A Distant Shore
O. 555-3680
16) The number on Father's mug shot in Song of Orpheus
P. 10
17) Age of Catherine in A Happy Life
Q. 4
18) Number of years Denton spent in the tunnels
R. 300
19) Catherine's Phone number in A Distant Shore
S. 36
20) They have been celebrating Winterfest for how many years in the episode, Dead of Winter
T. 312