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Hints for Newbies

What's the Desktop?
The Desktop is what shows when you close every program. Often it has the wallpaper of your choice on it.

What's the Quick Launch Toolbar?
The Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP is that area between the Start button and the first program task button.
Windows quick launch toolbar

If you loathe the Quick Launch toolbar and want to turn it off - or if you loved the Quick Launch toolbar up until you somehow lost it - right-click on an empty section of the Taskbar, click Toolbars and then click Quick Launch.

What's the Taskbar?
The Taskbar is the grey bar to the right of the Start button (and to the right of Quick Launch, if you have it on). In the picture above, the thing that says Software Inspector is a taskbar button.

While we're learning terminology, the row of icons to the left of the time is called the System Tray.

What's the Windows key?
It's that funny checkerboard flag key between Ctrl and Alt. Looks just like the Windows icon on the Start button on the picture above, only less colorful.

What are radio buttons?
Radio buttons are round buttons that make you choose exactly one option in a group (like the radio buttons in your car).
radio buttons

Check boxes are different - you can check any or all or none of them, irrespective of whether any other boxes are checked.

What's anti-spyware?
Anti-spyware helps clean off the crud your computer can get from malicious web sites. It's a very good thing to have, but you can do better than Yahoo Anti-Spy. Instead go download Adaware or
Spybot Search & Destroy. (Actually, the standard recommendation is to use at least 2 anti-spyware tools, so go download and install them both!)

If you don't have any anti-spyware tools, and you're not going to bother getting any, you should probably leave Yahoo anti-spy checked. Mediocre protection is better than none, I guess.

What's Firefox?
Firefox is a browser similar to Internet Explorer. Many people think it's more secure than IE.

What's a FAQ?
It's shorthand for Frequently Asked Questions.