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Yahoo Groups FAQ

What is yahoogroups exactly?

Yahoogroups is a service that lets people join or create online communities. There are groups for just about every imaginable topic. The most commonly used feature of yahoogroups is the mailing list. Read more here:!_Groups

Why would I want to join?

There are a number of fairly active Beauty and the Beast lists on yahoogroups, and Winterfest Online has one too.

Why do I need a yahoo id?

You may be able to participate in the mailing list functionality of a yahoo group without a yahoo id, but other features require one.

How do I get a yahoo id?

Click here and follow the instructions:

I'm shy. Will I have to say something if I join a group?

No, you can lurk as long as you like. Some groups may post a welcome message, but you're under no obligation to reply. However, you will enjoy yourself more if you do join in the discussions. Beauty and the Beast fans are, all in all, pretty nice folks.

Is there any way to get rid of the ads?

Yahoogroups is a free service, so there's no way to get rid of the ads entirely, though using NoScript and AdBlock help a lot. Use of those tools is outside the scope of this FAQ though. Google them if you're interested.

Why don't you just use Facebook?

There are BATB Facebook groups, but they have a different flavor and perhaps even a different purpose than the BATB yahoo groups. The BATB yahoo groups have been in existence for some years and some of us are just comfortable there, but also Facebook is not optimized for in-depth discussions. Having any but the simplest conversation is a challenge there.