Third Season 



When Beauty and the Beast  premiered, I was 17 years old.  To understand how I feel about the show now, you'd have to understand whom I was back then. That is hard for me because it isn't very often that I open myself up to a whole lot of strangers.  Ultimately, I can Not share everything with you. All you need know is this. My existence hasn't been what you might call easy. I will tell you that I am both overtly visual and innately curious. It was these two factors and the fact that I knew it was a love story  that, initially, led me to the show.  The visual aspect of my personality was utterly hooked by the achingly, haunting beauty of Catherine and Vincent. I couldn't have turned away then, not even if I'd really wanted too.  Incredibly, Once Upon a Time in the City of New York actually, shocked the jadedness right out of my system! 


For almost 2 full years I began to believe that a fairy tale could exist, that hope might actually be a viable option, that love could conquer all and that the show would never disappoint me!  It is a true pity that it didn't turn out That way.  But, I ask you, how could I have known that it would all end so, damnably, wrong?!?!?!?   Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it should come as no shock that I'm still more than a little bitter over the third season. Although I loathe to admit this, I must, Though Lover's Be Lost is where my never ending hatred for prime-time TV began! To be perfectly blunt, That show forever changed my perceptions about television in general. How bad was it for me, you might ask? When I found out that 3 people who had been part of  BATB where going to be working on The X-Files, I was wholly  terrified!  I was afraid that They might ruin my newest favorite thing. Thankfully, that didn't happen.


I realize I've gone slightly off track, let's get back to BATB, shall we?!?   Although I rightly blame TPTB for completely wrecking 1990 for me, I fully  recognize I'm also partially to blame. If I'd only had the fortitude to turn away after the fiasco that was The Hollow Men, I wouldn't be as bitter and frustrated as I am now! Sadly, I didn't because I still hopefully believed that things could turn out right. As we all know, That didn't happen. For the life of me, after watching TLBL, I couldn't understand how a show about love of all things, could treat it's lead actress so shabbily!  I also have no shame in telling you guys that, by the end of that bloody thing, I was crying like a baby. God, I continued to cry for more than an hour afterward because I honestly couldn't believe what I'd just seen. It irks me as much today as it did back then to know that it didn't have to end That way!  We could've had the family reunion we all wanted, if only the top brass had kept any of their wits about them. They would have realized what I've known since the 1970's, don't piss off your viewing public because we don't forgive that  easily.  But no, they chose a different path! I tried to watch Walk Slowly but the tears began and I simply threw in the towel! I felt I owed it to my memory of Ron and Linda to watch Invictus which I did. While I admit I liked the fact that Vincent recovered his son, the show was more, for me at least, a case of the glass being half full.  The fact that TPTB felt it only prudent to superimpose Catherine's face directly over Vincent's shoulder, during Jacob's naming ceremony, it only made me loathe them all the more!  


Today, I'm left feeling as if I was lied to and totally disgusted that the dream that was Catherine and Vincent ended like it did. Sadly, it actually still pains me to know that I can't list Beauty and the Beast as one of my all time favorite TV shows! By all that is right, it should be! After all, those almost 2 years should count for something, shouldn't it?!?  I suppose, if I were any other person, they just might. Because I'm me, however, the sheer amount of pain and depth of disappointment negates all the beauty that came before it! Despite This, I can't help but wish that, maybe one day, I might be able to watch one of my BATB tapes and once again feel like I did the first time I saw them. I want to experience the joy, hope, and see all that beauty without feeling sick to my stomach.  Will it ever happen, I don't know.