The first time I watched B & B, was back in 1989 when it was first aired here, but I have to add that the TV station that was showing it was very far away from Buenos Aires (back then there was no cable here); so the signal was low, and what I was able to guess behind the electrostatic noise was nearly nothing. What especially impressed was what I was could hear, (at least I was able to hear!), and more than once I just listened to those conversations that were very interesting, full of knowledge and wisdom…the beautiful poems…fragments of the talks between Vincent and Catherine…without knowing what it all was about. That was what made me want to watch the show at some point. That happened around 1993, and I can add that it was well worth the wait. I loved what I saw. It was the expression of something that, although it was “just a TV show”, touched me inside…as if Vincent had answered most of the questions I had always asked myself.


What got my attention especially was the fact that the story was treated as a gothic novel, and that once one got over that first impression, one could feel that the “on screen” love was real, that a lot of the plots in the show could also happen in real life. Even if the fiction was certain, the reality in the background was also there. More than once I saw stories that I knew had happened to someone. I ended up getting passionate about B & B. Also, because of my temper (very artistic) and because of my undeniable love for music (I am not a musician, but I play the “clavicémbalo” as a hobby. I cannot go a single day without Bach), my love for books and literature, that started as soon as I learnt how to read; all these came together and made me find in the show most of the things I like. Adding to that the images, Vincent’s character’s make-up, the scenery, how suggestive the world Below was (being warmer than Above even if it is there were the sun shines). The quality of the actors was important can Perlman be so expressive with all that make up on? What makes him more lovable (that works for Linda Hamilton) too? How do you come up with such a story and make it look perfect?! The chemistry between Ron and Linda is so undeniable that makes us believe that such love is almost tangible, and I think they make it “possible”. It would be long to list all the reasons why I decided to watch the show from the first to the last episode, and also boring. In big lines, this is why I like the show Beauty and the Beast.


At some point I realized that the group of people who had ever watched the show wasn’t very big, and I had no idea of what had been created worldwide around it through the internet. It was fascinating. I didn’t know there were so many people that, like me, had been greatly impressed with the show; although it would be more honest to say “in love”, because Beauty and the Beast certainly ended up conquering me.


After all this, I must say that the “turns” that the show took during the third season have no logic to me. (Someone said, where have you seen something like “Beast without the Beauty”, and they were right.). During the third season the show’s drama improves (needless to say that Ron Perlman dominates the screen; he is excellent.), but I don’t think they took the right path with the plot of the show, and in my opinion that is what ended up killing it. As a summary, and although many don’t agree with the third season, I think that the show deserves to be watched independently of its violent content and the joke of the “Beast without the Beauty”...