Beauty and the Beast-Why I Became a Fan


To begin with, I have to say that since I was a kid there was always a TV show that had me completely captured. According to my age, my tastes evolved.

I guess it is true when they say that things happen to us at the right moment, never too early, never too soon.

The first time Beauty and the Beast was aired on a local station, it was pretty much ignored, at least by me. As a said before, I probably wasn't ready for it yet. I was very impressed by Vincent's looks, and I was even more impressed by the fact that Catherine didn't seem to be impressed while looking at him. The story didn't have enough gunshots or the erotic content that belonged to the other shows of the time, the ones I liked so much... :)

Getting older and more experienced and, with all my senses dedicated to conquer THE woman. Also trying to understand what love was about, I happened to get sick. Nothing too serious, but enough to spend at least five days just resting. I was bored out of my mind; the TV became my only distraction.

I found the beginning of the re-airing of this show we are talking about. Now I was ready.

To begin with, I was seduced by the poetry. At the time I was trying to write my own poems and, with a pencil and a paper I tried to write down all I could. Looking for inspiration, and also to use them for myself with the girls I tried to seduce. He he.

The soundtrack was a real discovery; it made me recover my taste for classical music, which I had stopped listening to since my granddad's passing, who had taught me to listen to it.

The idea of a city, hidden from the big city had a big influence too. The fact that there was even a remote possibility of people living there with their own traditions and way of life, was a confirmation of my suspicions about a world beyond what we know (always fed by literature and some movies).

I also have to admit that I happened to be a great romantic. The "platonic" love story that crosses borders that the rest of the world doesn't understand and that even "might" have been consummated. A gentleman that protects his lady every time he feels she is in danger, they have that spiritual connection, it was too perfect and juicy for me to ignore.

I found in "Beauty and the Beast" a show that contained elements that I liked in addition to a cultural flair hard to find in what a lot of people call the "idiot box".

In fact, it was the trigger and the perfect motivation for my own literary fantasies. For my loving behavior, to be less selfish and more willing to give of myself.

With the years and the arrival of the internet I had the chance to collect all the information about the show. Also the transcription of the original poems and their authors.

But above all, I took away from Beauty and the Beast that it was the nexus that allowed me to meet wonderful people that I know will be friends for life…