A Young Personís View



We are all a part of one anotherÖsometimes we forget that.

The first Disney movie I remember seeing in theaters was Beauty and the Beast. I was about six years old when it came out, and from that time, that classic story has been my favorite over all others. Discovery of the show, however, came later. I honestly cannot say what I was doing besides surfing channels late (for a twelve year old) when I came across Vincent I canít recall what episode it was or what anyone was doing, but I was hooked. At the time it was being shown on the Odyssey Channel (now Hallmark) at times that it wasnít too late for me to watch. As I got to know the characters and the stories, my love for the show grew to a point where I was upset if I missed one of the episodes. It helped me through one of the roughest times of my life, when my parents divorced.

Now I am a freshman in college at Ohio State Universityís Agricultural Technical Institute, studying to eventually become an equine veterinarian. Now, when Iím stressed over some big exam or paper, I take a break and either read some fan fiction or watch an episode or two. The show helps keep things in balance and calms my rattled nerves. Above my desk in my room at school is the one picture I have of ThemÖand on my desk is a mini statuette of Vincent.