The first time I saw the show it was more or less accidentally. I was visiting my grandma and watching TV when I happened to see Vincent the first time. I was about 6 years old then. I was so fascinated that I kept looking for a good while until my mother came into the room and turned off the TV. She didn’t allow me to look the show back then, because she thought me to be too young. Well… years later, when the show was repeated on the German TV I happened to see Vincent again. I remembered having seen him before, although I could not remember his or Catherine's name. I even knew what the episode I watched back then in the 1980’s was about! I admit having been a little naďve for I was afraid my mother would come in again and turn the TV off, so I watched it kind of secretly. I don’t know exactly how old I was when the show was aired for a second time in the German TV but it took me some time to ask my mother for her permission to watch the show. When I finally asked her, she was a little surprised. (I even had the impression she didn’t remember having forbidden me to watch it at all!) Well, but perhaps she was only surprised by being asked that kind of question in a dentist’s waiting room. She even told me that my grandma loved the show and used to say, “Lets go watching the furry fellow again!”

This is where my existence as a Batb fan starts. Thanks to a friend of mine, who was not able to watch the show I taped each and every episode and therefore was able to watch it over and over again. Thank you Astrid!

Since I like drawing very much a life size Vincent-portrait, hangs on my door today and watches me when I’m in my room.

By the way…the first episode I saw back in the 80’s was “Dead of Winter”.