A few years ago, the French list, Dans Les Tunnels, had a Swiss member who was totally blind. The dubbed voices and the story had been enough to make her fall in love with the show, but she asked us to describe Vincent to her, with our own words. Here's a translation of my answer.


Describe Vincent... wow!

First, a general view. He's tall (Ron Perlman is six-foot two) and athletic. His wide shoulders and slim hips are enhanced by his clothing: ample shirts, vests with padded shoulders, wide belts worn over tight trousers tucked into boots. He very often wears a long dark cloak made of cloth and a patchwork of leather with a deep hood that sometimes hides his face. He moves around with a feline, almost feral grace, and all his movements give the impression of perfectly mastered power.

He has long, thick and rather unruly blond hair that evokes a lion's mane, golden bangs partly hiding his brow.

His hands are covered with reddish-gold fur, and his long, slim fingers end with sharp claws.

The face. Aaah!

The long, strong chin is Ron Perlman's, as is the full, sensual lower lip. The upper lip is thinner, and cleft like a cat's. The cheekbones are high and prominent. The rather flattened nose with wide nostrils is covered with downy blond hair. Most of the face is sprinkled with golden fur, but the neck is bare and smooth.

Thick, arched eyebrows guard deep-set, penetrating eyes; eyes that are very, very, very blue!

Sharp fangs shine when he opens his mouth but he normally keeps his mouth shut.  That's part of the character psychology: Vincent is a bit ashamed of his differences.

He rarely smiles, and generally without opening his mouth, except in "Chamber music" where he offers us a full, happy grin when Catherine, soaked with rain, collapses laughing on his chest. It's only when he "beasts out" that we can admire his superb dentition in all its glory.

And then there are all his gestures, his attitudes, full of grace and restrained sensuality, with always an underlying touch of wistfulness: his way of slightly cocking his head to the side when he thinks before answering, of hiding behind the curtain of his hair, of burying his nose in the top of Catherine's head to inhale her scent...

All right, I'll stop here. It wouldn't do to drool on my keyboard <g>

But one thing is certain. If that "Beast" ever changed into a "normal" man, we'd lose a lot. He's already the most charming Prince that could be dreamed!

In contrast Catherine is short and slim, with big grey-green eyes. But her chin reveals just as much will as Vincent's, and you can feel a lot of energy in her.

When V&C are together, there's an extraordinary chemistry at work, the attraction they feel for each other is apparent in their every gesture, their every look.

And thanks to the dubbing actors' great work, the chemistry also exists in the French voices, channelling the magic of that unique relationship.