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Father before a group of children
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It was time for the monthly Children's Council Meeting. With his notes in hand, Father sat before the group expecting to hear the standard requests – for field trips Above, for fewer research papers, for more swim meets beneath the falls, for later bed times. Imagine his shock and surprise when the meeting was called to order and the agenda opened for topics.

Samantha complaining

We're tired of having to go topside for Cokes, Father! It's not fair!" Samantha gathered her courage and stood up. "We're the only kids in New York who can't have soda pop with our suppers!"

Zach complaining

"Yeah," Zach added, a studied look of deprivation on his face. "And we want something for snacks besides apples and cheese. That stuff William cut up today ... it was funny looking. We want chips ... chips and salsa. No, wait! Nachos!"


"You want ... what?"

Father, shocked

There was a moment of complete silence. Then Father drew in a shuddering breath. "That cheese was a Montgomery English cheddar! By funny looking ... do you mean its color? It is supposed to be beige! I found it nutty and smooth with an almost bewildering bouquet of flavors. It was a gift from one of our Helpers! A rare delicacy, and one I've not savored in years! Funny looking ..." His voice trailed away.

What is our world coming to? he thought.

But he recovered and pointed a finger >>>