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musical notes

Filk: a type of folk song which retains the melody of a well-known song and replaces the lyrics with fandom-specific ones

We hope you enjoy these filks by Sylvia and Diane, from back in the day. They weren't able to recover and send us their original recordsings - yet - but here are the lyrics. And our Vicky has tried her hand at a few of them.

All I Want Is a Beast
For Vincent and Me
I Love My Vincent
Oh, Do You Remember
One Beast
Vincent, this Is Vincent!
Where Is Vincent?
Angels We Have Heard on High / Winterfest

For those Vicky didn't record, we've included some youtube links, just so you can hear the melody if you're not familiar with it.

(Tune: Wouldn’t It Be Loverly from MY FAIR LADY)
Vicky singing

All I want is a beast (harmony) somewhere
Far away from the open (harmony) air,
(low harmony) with lots of facial hair,
Oh, couldn’t I be Catherine?
In his room there are books (harmony) galore,
Candles burning around the (harmony) door,
(low harmony) He doesn’t ever snore,
Oh, wouldn’t I be Catherine?
Children laughing and singing
Everywhere the (harmony) tunnels go.
It’s no secret, they all know
That... Vincent’s (slower) my favourite beau.
Vincent’s chamber’s a crowded place,
Filled with many a happy (harmony) face,
(low harmony) ‘turfed out without a trace,
If only I were Catherine!
(harmony) Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, Ca-the-rine.

(Tune: For me and My Gal)

The pipes are (harmony) playing for Vincent and me
The bridge is (harmony) swaying for Vincent and me
In the tunnels they’re calling
Down the caverns they’re falling
Oh, the dust is appalling – it’s not easy to see.
They’re congregating – for Vincent and me
The parson’s waiting – for Vincent and me
(no harmony) And someday, we’re going to have a little cave for two
Or three or four or ... even more?!
(harmony) Down under – for Vincent and me.

(Tune: I Love a Piano)
(Stay with it a minute  - The melody is nice and clear)

I love my Vincent
I love my Vincent
I love to hear that fellow roar.
Along the tunnels / Up to my window
Or when he’s breaking down my door!
I love the way he kills everybody
Just to protect my virtue
Every day / In every way.
And in the sewer
There’s nothing newer
Than what they’re wearing down Below.
Their fashion statement / Down in the basement
Would make the punkers’ faces glow.
I won’t be happy now / ‘til I am kissing Vincent’s noble brow
I want to be there – with him forever
Spouting poetry to go!

Tune: Sweet Betsy from Pike

(Second song – starts at 2:08  You might recognize the singer as Eddie Albert – Edward Albert/Elliot’s dad.)  Ignore the “Hoodle-dang, etc. parts.

Oh, do you remember a place down Below
Where winter was seen as a festival
Ohhhhhh - -, all of the dwellers would help to prepare
A wonderful feast filled with plenty of cheer.

(harmony) Singing B&B, B&B, we love you so
We love all the stories about Life Below.
Oh, do you remember a place up Above
A place full of evil and too little love

A gentle young Beauty created a way
For the dark and the light to begin a new day.
(harmony) Singing Cath-er-ine, Cath-er-ine, we love you too
The folk in the tunnels are grateful to you.

Now Vincent was lonely – he didn’t know why
Then Cath-er-ine – just like a comet – flashed by
Returning Above should have severed their tie
But their Bond was so strong that it never would die!

(harmony) Singing Vincent and Cath’rine – wherever you go
Our hearts will go with you forever, we know.

(Tune: One Boy – 50’s style)
Vicky singing

One beast
One special beast
One beast to be with
To walk with, have a talk with,
One beast
That’s the way it should be-ee
That’s the way it should be.
One day he’ll find out
This is what life is all about
Vincent soon will see
I love him and he loves me
Oh, one beast, one special beast
One beast to be with, forever and ever
One beast
That’s the way it should be-ee
That’s the way it should be-ee-ee.

(Tune: The Flintstones)

Vincent! This is Vincent!
He’s the modern gothic beast for me.
From under the bedrock
He’s a myth just full of mystery.
By day, he must stay inside and write.
But he rides the subways through the night.
If he comes to save you
You will understand my feeling
You’ll be revealing
All that he is to me!

Someday, maybe Father wins his fight
Then this cat won’t stay out for the night
But when you’re with Vincent
You’re protected from all danger
And every stranger
Will run away in fright!

(Tune: Where is Love – from OLIVER)
Vicky singing

Where is love?
(harmony) Is he with that girl Above?
Is he somewhere in the afterglow
Standing hand in (harmony) glove?
Where is she? (harmony) In the place I long to be?
Hearing words I wish that I could hear
Whispered in my (harmony) ear?
Who can say where they may go?
On the surface or Below?
Is he standing on her balcony
Kissing her – instead of me?
Where, where is love?

Vicky singing

Angels we have heard on high,
Sweetly singing o’er the plains,
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their joyous strains
In excelsis Deo
In excelsis De-e-o
Come to Winterfest and see
All the magic of this time
Share the wonder of their love
Share the mystery sublime
A-a-nd Catherine
A-a-n-d Ca-ath-er-ine.

des/swf/rh (c) 1994