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Winterfest Online 2010

February 6th - 14th

Preferences: English | All Season
Entrance to the Great Hall

Backwards Forwards


“This is no ordinary candle…..”

We are pleased to announce that the Seventh Annual Winterfest Online celebration will be held February 6-14, 2010. Everyone from every cyber tunnel is invited to join us as we remember the past and dream about the future.

Some of last year's festivities remain available in the Great Hall. If you missed out on the magic - or just want to relive it - feel free to drop by.


WFOL will become whatever YOU make of it. It is a time of sharing your friendship and your boundless talents. And although February may seem far away, it isn’t to late to start planning what you might be able to contribute to the festivities. Remember, Winterfest depends on the many generous and creative talents of the fans. It has in the past and it will continue to do so now and in the future. Our contributors can count themselves among both the hosts who provide the entertainment and the guests of honor who enjoy all the fun activities and wonderful submissions.

Watch for more candles that will be full of suggestions and details as to how you can make this Winterfest Online a celebration to remember.

For now, mark your calendars and remember that Winterfest will be incomplete, unless YOU are there.

The Wintercandlemakers