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Puzzle of the Day

Winterfest Online 2008

January 12 - 20


Gabriella from Italy, has created a series of puzzles for your enjoyment.
A new puzzle will be introduced every day. Make sure you come back!


When clicking on the link to run or save the files, you might get a security warning.
We cannot guarantee anything, but we have tested them and didn't find any malware in the puzzles.
For those of you on dial up, a second warning, the files are large (most of them more than 4MB)
so they might take a long time to download, try to be patient :)

Remember you can change the settings of the puzzles and enjoy them as many times as you want!

My Immortal: this puzzle is a birthday present for Vincent


Credits: My Immortal by Evanescence 


A Winterfest Candle: have you lit your candle?


Credits: Candle in the wind by Elton John 


Mouse: Interview and chat, two great chances to get to know David 

Greenlee (Mouse) better 



Arabesque: Enjoy listening to Vincent and "The First Time I love 

Forever" while you rebuild this scene in Catherine's balcony. And

make sure you visit the Listening Chamber afterwards for

more lovely voices.

Credits: The First Time I Loved Forever by Lisa Angelle & Ron Perlman from OLAH


Elliot Burch: Elliot is trying to figure out whose story is whose, can 

you help him?



Vincent: yes, Vincent, don't look at me like that, the zine "The Roads Not 

Taken" is Finally Online for everybody to enjoy.


Credits: Per te by J. Groban 


Father and Son: how many animals can you find hidden in 

the pieces? Did you find them all? Good! Now you are ready

for the Treasure Hunt.



I'm With You: who am I? I am "Parallel Worlds", Finally 

Online for you!


Credits: I'm with you by Avril Lavigne 


Oceano: because only one song in the Music Chamber is not enough


Credits: Oceano by J. Groban 


Eternal Love: Let Catherine guide Vincent and you on a stroll

around the B&B Museum.


Credits: Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers


Vivo per lei: Catherine and Vincent have enjoyed the Winterfest

Online 2008. What about you


Credits: Vivo per lei by A. Bocelli & Giorgia