Denying the Dark

Debbie Ristick

Ed. by Lynne Wexler

May 1995

V/C/D (friend)

Rating: PG

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 135 pg., typeset, much art.

Art information: (Scanned) by Rosemarie Hauer, Sandy C. Shelton, Anna Deavers-Kelley, Pam Tuck, and James Wappel.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: A Classic anthology zine. Seven stories by Ristick, one by Wexler. The novella "Before the Moment" by Lynne Wexler takes up more than half the zine. The author describes it as an alternate universe, she's not dead story that is interwoven with the episode "Though Lovers Be Lost." It jumps off from the idea that Diana was brought in on the case sooner, right after Catherine's abduction. In "The Power of Love," Vincent comes to a decision about taking the next step in his relationship with Catherine. "Trust in Dreams" is a brief anecdote of a reality that turns out to be better than a dream for Catherine. The Prelude of part two has Catherine musing about the prospect of telling Vincent about her pregnancy. In the "Aftermath" of Catherine's being recovered, Father looks in on the loving pair and is relieved that they love one another. In "For Always," Vincent guides Catherine to a special, private place he's created for them behind the waterfall. In "A Little Surprise," Catherine reveals to Vincent that she's pregnant again. In Ann Cognito's "Under the Rainbow," Vincent and Catherine attend a Halloween party

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